Could you please stop revving your car's engine at all hours of the day or night? Could you ask your friends who drive their souped up sports cars with the rumbly engines to stop revving their cars' engines after your late night get togethers? It happens in the morning, it happens late at night, it happens every weekend, and at least twice a day. It happens when my wife and I are trying to sleep. It happens when we're watching TV or when I'm getting ready for work.

I get that you like fast, loud cars. I suspect you're proud of it. And I know it's fun to drive. However, you live on a quiet residential street. Have you ever seen the soldiers on our street coming home from working overnights at Whiteman Air Force Base? Have you ever seen how many folks on our street have turned out the lights and gone to bed by 10:00PM? Did it ever occur to you that some neighbors may get startled by loud noises, like those from your car? Are you aware that your revving, rumbling, engine sounds loud in my home with the windows closed and air or heat on?

I'm only asking for you to consider your neighbors and how they're living their lives. Your car may be set up to growl down the street. That's fine. However you don't need to spend time revving the engine in your driveway before you drive off in the morning, or park it at night. Have some consideration for those who it may bother.

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