How many of you order pizza and have it delivered to your home? Perhaps you have even been a delivery driver before.  In my younger days, I did it a lot.  It was a simple way to make some quick cash.  It can put some wear and tear on your vehicle, and depending on gas prices, it may no longer be as profitable as it used to. Well it looks like Domino's Pizza has an idea, and some of our Missouri locations will put them to use.

The company is trying to cut down on vehicle emissions, so they are launching it's Electric Vehicle Fleet and three Springfield locations are getting 2023 Chevy Bolt delivery cars.  I am speculating that if they do well, more locations will get vehicles, like our Sedalia location or perhaps Warrensburg.

The company's Electric Vehicle Fleet campaign began in November with 148 electric vehicles distributed across the country. Twenty of the custom-branded vehicles, leased through Enterprise Fleet Management, were distributed in southwest Missouri.

Each Domino's electric vehicle is equipped with interior and exterior cameras for driver safety and telematics software Geotab and Drivosity. This software tracks a driver's mileage and speed.

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Now anyone who has ever delivered pizza, you will know that gas is paid for by the driver.  Apparently Dominos does give some drivers reimbursement (40 cents per mile) but it can add up.  If you deliver and don't have to pay for gas, well that can add up.

You can read a little more about this story HERE and I will be interested to see if a location near us gets a car.  Perhaps our area just isn't large enough to warrant one.  For the record, with a full charge, these vehicles can get about 230 miles per charge.  The company hopes to have 800 vehicles on the road by the end of 2023, and by 2030 about 30% of their vehicles will be electric.  This may be the sign of the future. Time will tell if we see one around our town.

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