Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.  You literally do nothing and you can become a viral sensation.  Well that is what happened to a Kansas City certified public accountant named Mark Radetic.  And all because he was watching Tiger Woods hit a golf ball while enjoying his overpriced beer.

The PGA Championship was last week, and on Day Two, Tiger Woods was taking his second shot on the first hole.  Most of the people were trying to film him through their smart phones, and not actually watching.  Unlike Mark.

This guy was up close and holding a large beer of Michelob Ultra.  That beer apparently cost him $18.  It may turn out to be the best $18 he ever spent.  Because that picture went viral, and he appeared to be the only one actually watching Tiger without their phone and just being in the moment.  The folks at Michelob Ultra took notice.

Mark is now being called "The Michelob Guy" and they are selling merchandise with his photo on it.  There is talk about a commemorative beer can.  You can read a bit more about this story HERE.  He describes the experience as pretty crazy.  I can imagine.

Apparently Michelob wants to do a whole campaign around Mark, and it sounds like money will not be the only factor.  I do think it is safe to say, he will not have to buy another Michelob Ultra beer for as long as they are making it.  Probably get access to more PGA events.

All because he actually watched something, without looking at his cell phone.  Just in the moment.  Good for him.

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