On February 26, 1852, John Harvey Kellogg was born. He would later become a physician and develop the world's first dry cereal. Find out what you didn't know about the surprising history of corn flakes.

  1. Cornflakes were made by mistake. John kellogg and his brother were trying to come up with a dough they could use. After boiling wheat and letting it dry they tried to come up with the dough by putting it through rollers but instead it came out at as flakes.They toasted the flakes, they were a hit and the rest is history.
  2. Kelloggs were the first company to put prizes in their boxes of cereal. They did this from 1909 to 1931.
  3. The rooster mascot isn't on the box of cereal  because it's associated with getting up and good morning. The rooster is used because Kellogg liked the fact that the word is similar to the Welsh word for rooster.
  4. Dr. Kellogg was a fanatic about keeping his cereal healthy. His brother wanted to add sugar to it. The brother went on to make cereals with added sugar.
  5. Kellogg's Corn Flakes were taken along with the first moon landing. Freeze-dried milk was added to an air-tight pouch that also held the cereal. Water was added so the astronauts could rehydrate it and enjoy their breakfast.


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