There are many things that go into making the Missouri State Fair what it is. The concerts, the competitions, the food, and for a lot of us a midway filled with thrill rides, family rides, and classics like the Flying Horses and the Giant Wheel is a big part of that experience. Read on for what you need to know about midway at the Missouri State Fair and to see a gallery of the rides Wade Shows will have on the midway.

Specials & Promotions

The State Fair will have some specials and promotions related to the carnival. Tuesday, August 17 is Missouri Farmers Care $2 Dollar Tuesday. There are $2 carnival rides all day. However, some rides are excluded from this promotion.

Unlimited ride wristbands will cost $35 on weekends, that's Friday through Sunday. And $30 on weekdays, Monday through Thursday. On the final Sunday of the fair unlimited ride wristbands will be $17.

They also have family packs of tickets on sale. Four tickets for $5, 25 tickets for $25 dollars. 55 tickets for $50 dollars which also includes a value book including coupons and incentives for Wade Shows games and concessions.  The value book is worth about $30-$40 dollars.

You can save money by getting your unlimited carnival ride wristband in advance, or pairing your carnival wristband and Fair Gate Admission. The cost of these deals are $24 and $34 dollars respectively. You can learn more about these deals on the Wade Shows website here.

Pro-Tip for Families With Small Kids

Wristbands are not recommended for children under 36" as there are a limited amount of rides they can safely ride. Parents with children under 48" should check the height requirements before purchasing to make an informed decision whether wristbands are the best value for their children.

A complete list of ride height restrictions for the fair can be found on the Wade Shows website here. And we've also included them in the gallery below.

Carnival Hours

The carnival opens by 11:00 AM CDT on weekends, and by Noon on weekdays providing the weather cooperates. The midway closes nightly between 11:30 PM - 1:30 AM CDT at the carnival company's discretion and depending on the weather. Wristbands are sold until 10:30 PM CDT and are valid only on the day they are sold.

Now check out the rides coming to The Missouri State Fair this summer!

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