Okay, I saw this story and I just shook my little head.  Apparently somewhere in Iceland, a woman who was a tourist somehow participated in her own rescue effort. 

It happened on a Volcano tour. Apparently she, along with the others on the bus trip, had gotten off the bus to look at the volcanoes.  But, she had changed her clothes before she got back on the bus.  So, for some reason, the driver didn't recognize her and counted her as missing.  Nobody thought to ask the other 5' 2" Asian woman in her 20's if she'd seen the 5' 2" Asian woman in her 20's.   So, she honestly thought they were looking for someone else.  She participated in her own search effort!  I've heard of trying to "find yourself" but this is ridiculous.

Did they think she had a twin?  Surely the people who were sitting next to her on the way up noticed when she got back on, right?  They probably even engaged in small talk.  "Oh, I see you changed your clothes, did you get some of the volcanic ash on your jeans?"  "Yes, the smoke from that huge, Icelandic volcano just got into the fabric..."

One time my family thought I went missing as a small child.  They hadn't seen me for about ten minutes (I was 4 or so, naturally that's a big deal), and searched all over the neighborhood.  They called the police, they got the neighbors involved, and went frantic.

Where was I?  Under the bed, asleep.  Naturally, the one place they didn't look.  So I guess everyone can look too hard for what's right in front of them, huh?

Hidingly yours,