A friend of mine was recently married.  I'd met his wife briefly prior to the nuptials and again last night.  We were in a social situation at a mutual friend's home.  A place that I am very relaxed and often ignore the "social contract."  Being around me in that environment can be a little overbearing for some people.  So when I drew "the look" from one of the people in the group, my response was "I'll just be known as  the S.O.B. friend."

My buddy then looked at his new bride and said, "Which of my friends is the S.O.B. friend?"  Almost before he could finish the sentence, she had a name out of her mouth.  It is my belief that EVERYONE has a friend that rubs their partner the wrong way.

We see it in movies.  "American Pie" had Stiffler, "About Last Night" had James Belushi's character.  If art truly imitates life, then I'm betting you had a mental image of someone as you read this.