As I was talking to Jim Raysik the other morning on the air the subject came up of four really different flavors of Jello that came out in the 1960s.

The four included Celery, Italian Salad, Mixed Vegetables and Seasoned Tomato. Now we all love Jello. The wiggly, jiggly stuff has been on most kitchen shelves and in pantries for years. As I brought this subject up, Jim mentioned that he remembered back in the 60's and 70's that if you showed up at a funeral dinner, more times than not, it would be guaranteed that someone would have graced the food table with an orange Jello salad with carrots.

Thinking back I imagine there were many dinners that moms made trying out a new recipe or maybe a spin on a family favorite that made you look at each other after the first bite wondering what had happened to the meatloaf.

We experienced dinner recipes and deserts from magazines, along with something new called fondue, and such appetizers as Chex Mix (You actually had to buy the ingredients and mix it together), stuffed mushrooms, a gherkin inside a cream-cheese slathered slice of salami then sliced and held together with a toothpick and cherry tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad.

Ahh...the different foods that were made by our loving moms. We lived through it and today are able to tell others about it. Oh, by the way, pass the bicarbonate of soda, please.

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