This afternoon (May 31), W-K Chevrolet awarded a 2005 Pontiac Montana Minivan to Krystyl Marquess, a young single mother of three working at McDonald's to support her three young children.  Marquess was the winner of a giveaway held by W-K Chevrolet that asked for essay submissions describing an exceptional mother.  Marquess' friend and co-worker Rachel Ventura submitted the essay that won Marquess the minivan.

Hundreds of essays were submitted for the giveaway that began in April. A group of judges from the Women's Service League read the submissions and selected Ventura's essay as the winner.

In addition to winning the vehicle, a volunteer was so moved by Marquess' story that he decided to pay the remaining sales tax on the vehicle so Marquess would receive the vehicle at no cost to her.

You can read the winning essay from W-K Chevrolet's giveaway below.

This post was sponsored by W-K Chevrolet.