New York

Chris Young Stops a Fight at New York Concert
Artists hate when they have to be interrupted in the middle of a show, but sometimes it has to happen for everyone's benefit. At a show in Glen Falls, N.Y., Chris Young stopped in his tracks to break up a fight in the crowd.
Six Phrases People Use When They’re About to Lie To You
Nobody wants to admit it, but sometimes people lie to you so they don't hurt your feelings.  You should know it happens: because you do it too.  I do it, you do it, it's not great.  But it happens.
There was an article recently published by The Wall Street Journal about our habits when we lie.  And w…
Behka’s Links: Overheard in….
Kids, I know that many of us, when we're out at the store or something, sometimes catch one half of a conversation.  Or, maybe just the end of it.  It could be something that makes sense or something that seems insane.