Beauty Secrets Women Don’t Want Men to Know About [AUDIO]
Guys know women go through a lot of trouble to look good on a day to day basis, but apparently they don't realize just HOW much trouble. But that's actually how women prefer it. According to a new poll, the average woman hides eight beauty-related habits from her man because she'd rat…
What 92% of Women Say They Want
I cook.  I'm not talking about just grilling or just one specialty, I am pretty handy in the kitchen.  If I wasn't, I'd either starve or be broke.  With the results from this survey, I should be really popular.
Cue Ball or Too Much Gel: Which is Worse? [POLL]
At some point I just had to face it: I'm 43.  Middle aged.  That brings certain things into reality.  First, there is the slower metabolism.  More exercise is required if one doesn't want to wind up with "dunlapped" disease.  Then there is nature's cruel joke with a man's hair.  At first, …

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