Twitter is one of the many rising forms of social media. Twitter allows you to update your followers on what’s going on in your life as well as share links, videos, or whatever you want to share. It also allows you to not only follow your friends, family, co-workers or those close to you, but also to follow businesses or celebrities. I’m proud to bring you, the KIX listener, the five people you should be following on Twitter.

1) Taste of Country, @tasteofcountry


Taste of Country is an informative website on anything going on in the country music universe. Their Twitter account is a must follow for any country music addict, as they tweet throughout the day about the happenings with country artists. Whether you’re a fan of Eric Church, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum or whoever you’re into, Taste of Country is legit.


2) Country Music Association, @CountryMusic

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re a fan of country music then it makes perfect sense to be following the association behind the genre. @CountryMusic tweets several times an hour about what’s happening within country music.


3) Blake Shelton, @blakeshelton

If you’re looking for a good laugh, Blake Shelton’s Twitter account is perfect for you. He tends to talk about his drinking habits quite often, which are entertaining. He also discusses what’s going on with his career and in his life. He promotes his concerts and his music and overall has a lot of fun with his account. If you’re not a fan of cussing, I’d recommend not following Mr. Shelton, but otherwise he’s quite the hoot.


4) Taylor Swift, @taylorswift13

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Like her or not, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular names in country music. According to Music Row, Taylor Swift has the most followers in country music land. Right now she’s sitting at 23,930,628 followers. Holy moly! The next closest? The gentleman I already mentioned, Blake Shelton, at 2,593,384 (Music Row last updated this on February 6th so the numbers are probably even larger now).


5) ACM Awards, @ACMawards

The American Country Music Awards will fall on April 7th, which means now is the perfect time to start following the ACM Awards. The account, as of lately, has been retweeting a lot of artists and how excited they are to be nominated.

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