This week our Complete the Sentence the topics included movies, the knowledge men have of women and online dating. I'll now attempt to bring the three topics together for you.  Let's begin with the movies.

The beginning of the sentence was, "One movie I can watch 50 times and still not get tired of seeing is..."  And with one notable exception (disaster movies made her laugh), everyone went to romantic films or romantic comedies.  Of course, everyone that weighed in on this topic is a woman, so we shouldn't be surprised by that.  Pretty Woman, Casablanca, and Cinderella were all responses worthy of mention.

Next came men's knowledge of women (or lack thereof).  The beginning statement "Girls really like it when..." got interesting responses.  It seems men can garner favor by being themselves, making the woman a number one priority and communicating in a timely manner.

Finally, our sights were set on online dating.  Initially, I was taken aback at the number of women that graded men on grammar.  The beginning was "Online dating makes me crazy when someone..."  The responses were "Either cannot use proper grammar or spelling (yes, we can tell if it's just a typo or not) or immediately jump into inappropriate discussions" and "Immediately looks for the hookup."

What can we take away from all of this?  Since taste in movies can predict the likes or dislikes of the individual, I'd say this: when planning a date, go with something romantic and whimsical, be yourself, and treat them like people.  Don't go straight for the "hookup."

Shocking stuff right?!?!  I know!  And people get grants to study this kind of thing.