What Do You Do If You Don’t Watch The Super Bowl?
The Super Bowl is one of the top watched events of the year no matter what team plays. People will strive to watch it for the game, for the commercials for the half time show or maybe to see if they see a friend at the game. Over 110 million people watched the Super Bowl last year...
It’s Friday and I’m Ready For Some Football!!!
We've got some of the predictions for Sunday' big game.  Here they are:
Beau Matthews-Seattle 31 New England 28
Kyle Herrick/Bryant Motors-Seattle 31 New England 21
Doug Sokolowski-Seattle 23 New England 17
Chris Boulet/Rick Ball Ford-Seattle 28 New England 21
Kaleb Fillis-New England 24 Seattle 20
Ed And…
Enquiring Minds: Sleep Deprivation [SURVEY]
Every night, I tell myself I'm going to go to bed early.  Every morning, I curse myself a little bit when I wake up because I didn't go to sleep sooner.  Well, I know a lot of us feel that way sometimes. You're not the only person who would consider KILLING A MAN right now i…

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