Ever Wonder Why We Eat Cake On Our Birthday?
No telling how many birthday parties we have attended through our lifetime, including our own celebrations. At pretty much every birthday party, there's cake. Have you ever stopped in between bites and wondered...why is that?
When is it Too Much Perfume or Cologne?
We've most likely had it happen one more time or another...someone walks into the room and you'd thought that person had used entire the bottle of perfume or cologne. How do you know when you've either used the right amount or too much?
How Do You Handle Angry Customers?
We've either been one or have seen angry customers. We're hoping it's been more on the side of you've seen, and not been. What is it that sets people off and makes them go ballistic over customer service and/or purchases?
Friends of the Boonslick Regional Library Holding Book Sale
When I was a kid, I used to haunt the libraries here in town like it was my job. I still remember the smell of the books in our local libraries and the excitement when I'd find a book I'd never read before. As I got older, I got into owning my own books. I took a small little sense of prid…

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