Kids, today on my Links post I thought I'd share something to make you feel a little more musical.

This is something called The Virtual Keyboard. It's totally and completely neat!  You basically just load it up, click on it, and it's like your own little instant keyboard (You may have to hit refresh once you click the link, and it may take a second to load). It's also great for young kids who want to "play computer".  I find that sometimes younger kids who can't read want to get on the computer like the grown ups do, but they don't really know what to do once they're on.  So, virtual keyboard!  And, this is also a great way to foster interest in possibly learning a real instrument later.  Kids always like to plunk around on the piano, and this way they can do it without you, you know, having to buy a piano.  And, it's instructional in many ways, because it has the actual note letter written right on the key.

Another great feature of this, though, is it has a few beat things you can do, not unlike a real keyboard.  You can also change it to saxophone, organ, flute, guitar, all sorts of stuff.  It's something that's fun for adults, too, if for no other reason than you feel a little creative.

Another way to feel creative and totally musically awesome is to check out The Tonematrix.

That's what it looks like.  But you'll have to go to the site to actually use it, sorry.   This is also a really fun way to plunk around, and you can also make little songs as you go! It's so simple to use, and very fun to share music with kids. All you have to do is click on the little boxes, and it automatically plays them for you in a repeat. You can click boxes at the top for high notes, boxes at the bottom for low notes, and you can do all sorts of different songs and melodies. All you have to do to start over is push your space bar. Simple! Fun! Etc!

Musically yours,