Kids, I'm a lady that is on the "dating scene" if you will.  I've been out with a few dudes here and there, and I can say that there are good times and bad times.  And then there are just weird times. 

I think we can all empathize with a strange, strange evening - even if it's not a date.  Well, this website is another one of those submission websites where people tell the strangest stories of the most bizarre dates they've been on.  Some are fairly harmless, some are downright insane, some are dangerous and all of them are a great read.  So enjoy them here and be glad it didn't happen to you.

Maybe you could tell us a few of your stories!  Did anything strange happen to you on a date?  Did you ever go on a date and it turned out to be completely wrong?  Tell your horror tales!

Datily yours,