This week there may be a lot of scrambling to honor your mother. Whether that means your mom, wife, sister, aunt, cousin or whoever it is that is a mother, it is a time to say thanks to your mom and those that are mothers. The question is: what does one do for Mother’s Day?

Do you make a card and send it out? Do you make something nice? Hey, I’m pleased to say my mom still has some of those art projects from school, including the pot that I never finished. Do you take your mom out to eat and do the traditional brunch?  Do you make a dinner for her?  Maybe if you’re like me and can only cook the basics, going out to eat is definitely the way to go.

Do you buy something that mom has been hinting at that she needs? I’m hoping to do a combination of those this year for my wife and mother.  Now just have to figure out what to get or do for the mother-in-law.  She may be out of state, but I think she deserves something too. Maybe I’ll just refrain from the in-law jokes for a day (don’t think that will be the gift, otherwise I’ll be in trouble).

So give me some ideas, and I hope if you got nothing out of this post but one thing, it is to honor the moms in the world and remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day!