People are coming to me asking if I'm thrilled about the election.  Most of them are being sarcastic because my beliefs lean to the right.  The answer is "no."  I'm not thrilled.  But it has nothing to do with the outcome of the Presidential election.  No matter who won the election, the problems facing us as a nation don't change.

I'm not thrilled that there were two other candidates on the ballot and they were excluded from the debates and didn't have the money to get their messages out.  There's no true discourse in our country and the two candidates are basically shoved down our throats.  Stifling ideas is not looking out for the best interests of our country.

I'm not thrilled that the discussion of a "consumption tax" died with Mike Huckabee's political aspirations.

I'm not thrilled that every bill that passes through congress contains items that have little or nothing to do with the original bill and only earmark money for the congressman's constituents.

In short, there still isn't any accountability for our finances or true discourse of ideas.  Everyone talks about wanting change, but all we get is politics as usual.  That remains true regardless of who gets elected.

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