It's on your phone, your i-pad and the television. The best and fastest ways to drop those unwanted pounds. Today's muffin top was different back in the 1950's.

It was a different time. In the 50's, women didn't go to the gym, most likely because there weren't any. The Atkins diet wasn't available, and most women didn't compete with men in the workplace.

Research from 60 years ago tells us that women kept those pounds off with housework and the general exercise that came with it. They didn't have a lot of the modern conveniences that are afforded today.

In comparison, the mothers and grandmothers of yesterday's generation burnt well in excess of 1,000 calories a day through their domesticated lifestyle compared to 556 today. Seven out of ten women feel today they are healthier than their moms and grandmothers.

Even though today's foods are full of preservatives and unnatural ingredients that we can't pronunciate, not everything in 'the old days' appears to have been healthier.

Twice as many eggs were consumed and cooking fat and oil was used almost twice as much. Sugar was consumed more and chicken was eaten less.

The electric washing machine were just coming on the scene. There was no such thing as a dishwasher. Microwaves didn't appear on counter tops until 1967. 

In the early 50's, women would spend approximately three hours a day doing the housework, another hour walking to and from shops and stores, with another hour added on gathering the necessary supplies for meals and then another hour making dinner.

Add on making lunch for the husbands that came home during the middle of the day. Even more calories were burned walking the children to and from school since a two car household was a rarity.

With all the modern conveniences, the number of restaurants and fast food joints, and the hurried schedule of families these days, its no wonder we have come up with the term muffin top.

Grandma, I'll take mine with blueberries, please. 

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