Have you ever wondered where the water and ice you get out of those water kiosks comes from?  Like when you fill up your water jug or pick up some ice from the water and ice house in the parking lot of the Family Video strip mall on Maguire. Or the Primo water kiosk at the Walmart. The answer isn't all that surprising, but it may or may not be something you've considered.

In the case of filling up your water jug at the Warrensburg Walmart or the Highland Pure water & ice house in the Family Video parking lot on Maguire. It would seem the water source is the same source a lot of us get our tap water from. Warrensburg's municipal water supply.

I never really thought about it. In the case of the water & ice house I was surprised you could actually get water there. I've seen ice houses before, but I just assumed they trucked the ice in from somewhere else. You paid for the ice. It dropped a bag out of the machine.

Now, the Primo water kiosks in Walmart, I've always wanted to try. I just never really thought. Hey, there's water coming out of a tap where is that water coming from.

At least with bottled water I always assumed it was coming from a better water supply than the stuff coming out of my tap. For example, in my experience, Chicago water is the best I've ever had. That stuff tastes good right from tap. So I assumed it was being bottled from a water supply like that and filtered. And maybe it is.

I guess it doesn't really matter though. As long as the impurities, harshness and many of the chemicals used to make our water safe get filtered out. Highland Pure Water and Ice says:

The kiosk gets its water from the local municipal supply and filters it using a reverse osmosis process. Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove any impurities from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. This process results in our kiosks providing water that is free of minerals and other contaminants.

Walmart's Primo self-service water kiosks filter water in a similar way:

A 4-stage purification process uses a sediment filter to trap rust, dirt and pipe scale; a carbon filter to remove odors, tastes and chlorine; reverse osmosis to remove 95%-99% of total dissolved solids, sub-micron particles and fluoride; and finally, ultra-violet sterilization to ensure safe, high-quality drinking water.

So yeah, if you're filling up your water jug at the Walmart or an ice & water house. Anywhere water comes out of a tap that you're bottling. There's a good chance it's coming from the municipal water source.

In the case of the Warrensburg Walmart or the ice & water house on Maguire next to the Family Video strip mall. Yeah, it's just Warrensburg water that's been filtered extremely well.

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