The X-Files has come to yet another end, but don’t let Gillian Anderson’s departure fool you – Chris Carter fully intends to continue Scully’s story. The showrunner reveals what’s next for the franchise – even continuing at Disney if necessary – and which characters survived “My Struggle IV.”

You’re warned of full X-Files spoilers from here on out, but Wednesday’s Season 10 finale was pretty bloody even by FOX standards; killing off the Cigarette-Smoking Man (again), Mr. Y, Erika Pryce, Agent Monica Reyes, and apparently our beloved Skinner. The fake death quotient was high as well, given that William’s perception-altering powers created an illusion that Smokey shot Mulder in the head, as well that William himself was killed. Of course, the revelation that Scully was – double spoiler alert – pregnant with Mulder’s biological child seemed to confirm more stories to come, and Carter minced no words to The Hollywood Reporter that Season 12 will happen one way or the other:

I can’t imagine the show won’t come back in some shape or form. Certainly you’re going to see an answer to the question that’s posed.

So you’re viewing this as a season finale vs. a series finale?


One potential hiccup to future X-Files, however, is 20th Century Fox’s imminent sale to Disney:

It is out of my hands. I have to wait for a lot of things that have nothing to do with storytelling and they have to do with a corporate story now being told [as Fox's sale to Disney awaits regulatory hurdles]. [Should that sale go through, The X-Files, owned by 20th Century Fox Television, would become a Disney property.]

And while Anderson herself may not answer the question onscreen, Carter confirmed that this child would be Mulder and Scully’s, without the paternal frick-a-frack Season 11 heaped on William. The showrunner was less forthcoming about whether Skinner or the Smoking Man were really dead (it’s The X-Files, so no), or if the “Medusa Virus” that drove the “My Struggle” episodes could factor into future stories.

It certainly wasn’t the strongest end to our second X-Files revival, so is the series worth continuing – Scully or no?

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