Has anyone ever experienced an earthquake? I can't say that I have.  I do remember going through tornado drills in school when I was younger, but never an earthquake.  Well apparently Missouri has one of the most active earthquake faults in the world. Scientists say they believe there is a 7% to 10% chance such an earthquake strikes within the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the next 50 years. There is a 25% to 45% chance of a 6.0 magnitude or greater earthquake striking in that time. ... Approximately 95% of all earthquakes on the planet happen at plate boundaries.

Good to know.

Well October 21st at 10:21 AM you can participate in the Great America Shake Out.  This is where Missouri residents are encouraged to Drop, Cover, and Hold On.  Now before you begin to panic, if there is an earthquake in Missouri, it will be so minor that you won't feel a thing, but they are recorded on seismographs, devices that measure the earth’s movement.  While these earthquakes are more frequent in the NMSZ in southeast Missouri, they also occur on other faults located in Missouri and surrounding states. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources can give you more information and history and you can click HERE for more details.

The states that will be participating include Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

I can't see a situation where a massive earthquake will affect us here in Mid-Missouri, but I suppose it never hurts to be prepared. So secure those valuables, and make sure nothing heavy will fall from a high shelf.


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