William Michael Morgan and Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne broke off their engagement in April 2017, and in the days that followed, Morgan found himself spiraling out of control when it came to drinking.

"I woke up and I felt like crap and I just kinda sat there for a minute and I realized everything that was going on in my life at that time," Morgan recalls in a new interview with People. "And I said, if I want something to happen … I've got to be the one to do something about it, because it's my life."

From that point, Morgan says he was determined to not let drinking ruin his life. He quit excessively drinking, in fact — the most life changing decision he has made in years, he says.

"(Quitting drinking) helped me realize what was important and it was time," the "I Met a Girl" hitmaker says. "It was a time in my career where we needed to buckle down and get serious about the music again. It was time to be creative again. It was time to write again. It was time to get back in the studio, and that’s what we did."

Morgan is addressing all of the issues of the past few years in new music, including a new song called "Gone Enough."

"I'm writing about quitting drinking," he says. "I'm writing about my failed engagement. I’m writing about my daughter being born."

Morgan is a father to a little girl named Presley, who was born in March 2016 and lives with her mother in Mississippi. Fatherhood and a failed relationship taught Morgan a valuable lesson.

"Know yourself before you try to know someone else, and love yourself before you try to love someone else," he says. "Because if you don’t, you can't understand how to love them. You can't understand how to open up. You can't understand how to let them into your world or how to receive their world."

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