I do the bills in our house, and that means I'm the one who has to do the budgeting and scheduling, and all that good stuff. So just yesterday I was headed downtown to pay my water bill.  On the way, I started to wonder again, "Why do I have to go down there to pay the bill? Why don't they have a return envelope in their bill?"

I mean, it's not necessarily a criticism to ask. It just seems strange to me.  After all, every other bill I get in the mail contains a return envelope.  My electric, gas, credit cards, car payment... everything.  Just not the water bill.

So, I decided that I was going to ask.  And the lady at the counter said... she didn't know either!  She said it might have something to do with the automation process with the billing, but she didn't know.

I'm sure they have a good reason. Is it to cut down on costs? Is it that expensive to put an envelope in there? I honestly have no idea. I know I can just put it in my own envelope and mail it down there.  I know I can just go down there and pay it in person. I have done both of those things. It just seems odd that that one thing is so different from any of the others.

Maybe it's a conspiracy! Maybe someone is afraid of envelopes! Maybe someone saw that episode of Seinfeld where George's fiancee died from licking the envelopes for their wedding invitations. Oh my god. I may have just found the answer. IT'S BECAUSE OF SUSAN.

No, seriously, do you know why? It's gotta be a cost thing, right?

Billingly yours,