One year ago today (April 13), Holly Bobo — the cousin of country singer Whitney Duncan — went missing from her home in Decatur County, Tenn. With very little still known about her disappearance, Duncan took to Twitter with a heavy heart to ask for prayers during what is obviously a very difficult day for her family.

“Some situations are so bad, u wonder what good will ever come from them? Gotta have faith! #PrayforHolly,” she wrote. Later, she tweeted Bobo’s favorite verse from the Bible, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Only a few artifacts belonging to the now 21-year-old nursing student were found as evidence of the abduction, though more than a quarter of a million dollars in reward money has been offered for news that leads to Bobo’s return. Her brother says he saw Holly being led into the woods by an unknown man on the morning April 13, 2011, as she was preparing to leave for school. Despite a vigorous search of the area, that’s the last anyone saw of her.

In February, evidence was discovered which lead to a three-day search for Bobo near her home in Darden, Tenn. It’s not clear what was found, but the search didn’t lead to any arrests.

As a thank you for her fans’ continued support, Duncan tweeted, “Thank u for all the prayers for Holly and our family today. Can’t believe it’s been a year. Seems so unreal still.”