Gritty country-rockers Whiskey Myers were eager to release their third album 'Early Morning Shakes'. A video for the band's single 'Home' was made available, and now they're sharing 'Where the Sun Don't Shine' with fans during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere. 

'Where the Sun Don't Shine' is a mid-tempo southern rocker about making ends meet any way you can. The track from this Tyler, Texas group is thick with guitars, organ and twang.

Where the sun don’t shine, gonna take my time / Headin’ back to the holler gotta make a dime / With some corn, pressure and copper line / Gotta make a better livin’ where the sun don’t shine,” the band sings to end the first chorus.

The next verse describes a single mom's struggles, and things become more enjoyably sordid after that. 'Early Morning Shakes' draws from country, rock, R&B and psychedelic rock in addition to string band traditions. It's their second album with Wiggy Thump Records, the follow-up to 'Firewater' from 2011.

Listen to Whiskey Myers, 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'

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