I hear about people destroying their phones all of the time.  Jumping into a pool with it in their pocket, dropping it to the ground or dropping it in the toilet.  That last one I'll never understand.  When you're at the toilet, you should be too busy to be using your phone.  But I digress.

A mobile insurance company released the five CRAZIEST ways clients have destroyed their phones this year.

5) A woman found out her boyfriend was cheating and threw her phone at him.  She missed, the phone hit the wall and shattered.

4) A man was taking photos of monkeys on a safari when one of them climbed in through the sunroof, grabbed his phone and took off.

3) A couple on a cruise was reenacting the 'Titanic' "I'm the king of the world!" pose and dropped their phone in the ocean while trying to take a photo.

2) A fireworks technician was setting up for a show and accidentally left his iPhone in the blast area.  It was shot 3,000 feet into the air and blown up.

1) A farmer was using his phone and helping a cow give birth.  He somehow shoved the phone into the female cow's uterus and it got stuck there.

I have yet to destroy my phone.  They've all worn out over time (I just knocked on wood as I typed that).  What about you?