Kids, I don't know about you, but dreams are very interesting to me.  And I don't mean the "goal in life" ones, I mean the "sleepytime" ones. 

It's so odd how some people have crazy dreams where they can fly one of the My Little Ponies or whatever and some people barely remember theirs at all.  I don't tend to have crazy dreams that go all over the map;  what happens to me is I have very lucid dreams.  Normal dreams.   I'll have conversations with people I work with or my family and I can't tell the next day which is the dream, and which was an actual discussion.   Sometimes I have to double check, to see if what happened actually happened, or if my mind made it up!

Sometimes the same things will happen again and again.  I keep dreaming I'm back in college, and I haven't been attending a certain class often enough, or I forgot about one.  If it's a nightmare, there's always the feeling that I either can't make noise or I can't move.  Like if I'm running away from a monster or something, my legs drag and I can't get away.  Or I scream, but nothing comes out.   Luckily that doesn't happen much.

So what about you?  Do you remember your dreams?  Do you have crazy ones, or normal ones, or somewhere in between?  Do you have recurring themes or images?

Let me know here!

Dreamily yours,