Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like someone got their underwear in a wad over how residents of Warrensburg have been shoveling, or not shoveling, their walks this winter. The City of Warrensburg announced they will begin enforcement of the snow and ice removal ordinance immediately.

Property owners in Warrensburg are advised the City is stepping up enforcement of a City ordinance that requires snow and ice to be removed from public sidewalks within 24 hours after the end of a snow/ice event.  The City will be enforcing the ordinance in certain commercial areas and residential areas around schools.  In prior snow events, patrons and students have been forced to walk in the street when sidewalks have not been cleared.  This is a safety concern for pedestrians and drivers.

The city says the ordinance isn't new, it was adopted in 1970 and it will be in effect for all properties in Warrensburg. Except, the stepped up enforcement won't be. The city is focusing on areas around schools and businesses because students and patrons have had to walk in the street during previous snow events. You can see where the city will be diligently enforcing (or not enforcing) their snow shoveling laws here.

Warrensburg has also enacted a Snow Emergency which will be in effect from Wednesday February 5 at 6:00AM CST to Thursday February 6 at 6:00AM CST. So get those cars off the town snow routes.



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