Warrensburg's Public Works department has been fielding questions from residents about Missouri One Call markings spray painted on their lawns. This according to a Facebook post shared by the City of Warrensburg this morning.

Spire Missouri and Miller Pipeline are working on a four year program of replacing and upgrading natural gas pipelines throughout the city. Of course, that requires a lot of excavation and boring while those pipelines are replaced. The markings are to help pipeline crews avoid damaging or breaking any of the city services placed underground.

In case your curious what those different markings mean, here's a handy guide according to Missouri One:

  • White: proposed excavation location.
  • Yellow: gas lines.
  • Orange: communication lines.
  • Blue: water lines.
  • Green: sanitary sewer or storm piping

It's not just the pros who need to figure out where utility lines are before they dig, it's everyone. If you're a homeowner that's going to be doing some excavating that might run into utilities you should utilize the Missouri One Call System as well. You can learn more about that here.


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