Most of the time if you need a prescription filled. You go and get a month, or a three month, supply from the pharmacy. They put it in a bottle and you're good to go. Well one Warrensburg Pharmacy is now offering to fill your prescription by presorting all the medications you take and individually packaging it for every time you need a dose.

Say for example you take Pill A and Pill C with breakfast each morning. Then another Pill A and a Pill B in the evening. Summers Pharmacy in Warrensburg will take your Pill A and Pill C along with any over the counter vitamin or supplement you take and put it in a small sealed pack with the day and time you need to take it on the package. Then they'll take another Pill A and Pill C and do the same thing.

The packets with the pills look those individual packets of Tylenol or Advil you'd get at a convenience store if you have a headache. Instead of a brand name, printed on the pack is the day/time and medicines  you are taking with the pills seal on a variety of medications, or who takes medicine with different vitamins and supplements, it could make taking  your pills a little easier. It might also be easier for someone who travels a lot. No bulky pill bottles rattling around in your purse or pocket book.

I'd like it because no more sorting my pills into one of those little plastic boxes that lets you separate what you take in the AM from the PM each day. Plus it just seems easy and cool.

Summers Pharmacy calls this their Summers Pak. Their website says your insurance copay won't change if you use the service and your medication can even be delivered to your home. If you want to learn more about it click here. Amazon also has a similar service called PillPak that also promises to only charge you your copay.


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