Students at the University of Central Missouri have started a petition to get the school to cancel classes tomorrow so students can attend the Chiefs Kingdom Championship parade and rally in Kansas City.

The petition was started by UCM student Bryant Williams. WIlliams writes how many of the students and faculty are long time Chiefs fans and how it's been fifty years between Superbowl appearances for the team before getting to his ask.

On February 05, 2020, Kansas City gets to celebrate an event of a lifetime and with this day being a Wednesday. We as a community are petitioning to get classes cancelled for that day.

He's not the only student petitioning that the university close tomorrow so students can celebrate the Chief's Super Bowl victory. There are petitions circulating at for many area universities including The University of Missouri, Kansas State, Pittsburg, Northwest Missouri State and Missouri Western asking the schools' for the same thing. A day off to celebrate the Chiefs.

As of 1:15PM CST on Tuesday February 4, 1,615 people out of 2,500 have signed the petition. Aza West writes, under reasons for signing, "I feel as if this is a monumental moment for the Kansas City and everybody should be apart of it." And Nigeria Ross says, "Half of my teachers have cancelled class. I just need one more to cancel."

Personally, I think there's a better chance of UCM declaring a snow day tomorrow than giving students the day off to celebrate the Chiefs. Has college changed so much in the past 25 years that if you're THAT motivated to hit the Chiefs Kingdom Championship Parade and rally, or motivated enough to head over to Heroes or Fitters for a cold one or three while watching the festivities on TV, you can't just ditch class and go?

You can sign the petition asking the President of the University of Central Missouri to cancel classes tomorrow here.




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