It’s here! The first trailer for Judd Apatow’s ‘Trainwreck,’ written by and starring the consistently delightful Amy Schumer! The film also marks something of a departure for Apatow, whose films have been mostly male-oriented. This time around, Schumer takes the spotlight as a successful, independent woman whose love life is a mess thanks to her deeply-ingrained aversion to monogamy. If we didn’t know any better, this could easily be a Paul Feig film—and that’s a compliment.

UPDATE: We've included the new, red-band ‘Trainwreck’ trailer (and the film's official poster) below.

If you aren’t familiar with Schumer’s comedic chops, ‘Trainwreck’ should serve as a great introduction to the comedian and actress, who partnered with Apatow to write and star in the new film. Schumer plays a woman named Amy, who works as a sports writer for a men’s magazine, has her own “sick” apartment, and never sees the same dude twice thanks to her fears of/disgust with monogamy. That all changes when she’s sent to profile a sports doctor (Bill Hader), and the pair fall for each other—much to Amy’s surprise/dismay.

The supporting cast for ‘Trainwreck’ is on-point and kind of wild, featuring wrestler John Cena, NBA player LeBron James (who gets in some great ‘Downton Abbey’ banter with Hader), Vanessa Bayer, and Tilda Friggin’ Swinton. Tilda Swinton! In a Judd Apatow film! We are truly living in hashtag blessed times.

‘Trainwreck’ is premiering at the SXSW film festival this March, and we’ll be covering it from there, but the rest of you non-festival-attendees can see it when it hits theaters on July 17.

Trainwreck poster

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