The Sedalia City Council heard some ideas Monday night on how to improve the traffic flow at 32nd & Limit.

A traffic impact study was recently completed by Wilson and Company and the results were presented to Council Monday night at its regularly scheduled meeting at the Municipal Building 2nd and Osage.

Randy Kirby

Jim Townsend represented the firm as part of a strategic planning presentation by Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey.

The City identified the busy intersection as an area of concern for public safety and requested a traffic study be conducted due to the continued business and residential growth in the area.

Traffic counts were conducted at peak times in the morning and evening at all the affected intersections (32nd & Limit, 32nd & Route B, 32nd & Clinton Road, 32nd & Highway Drive, Limit & Plaza, James Road & Clinton Road, Route B & Snyder Road) and design concepts were were drawn up for interim improvements and long-term improvements.

Wilson & Co

The two main interim improvement suggestions include:

--Bring in 32nd at a 90-degree angle to US 65 (Limit). Tee up Route B into 32nd as close as possible to Memorial Park Cemetery and end it with a cul-de-sac. Add left and right turn lanes east and west at US 65 to allow for full signal operation. Add a dedicated right-turn lane on 32nd to allow right turn queuing.

--Extend Plaza Avenue across US 65 to Clinton Road. Allow only right-in, right-out access at Plaza and US 65. Allow only right-in, right-out access at 32nd and Limit.

Wilson and Company came up with three long-term improvement suggestions:

--Improve Sacajawea Road to a three- or four-lane roadway. Add sidewalks for students to have a safe route to school. Add a signal light at Sacajawea and US 65. Re-route Route B along Sacajawea after B gets disconnected from the US 65 & 32nd intersection.

--Construct a north-south collector roadway parallel and around a quarter mile east of US 65.

--Construct an east-west collector roadway between 32nd and Tiger Pride Blvd, connecting to Route B east to US 65, and on to the new north-south collector roadway.
Ardrey emphasized that the suggestions are very conceptual and are just a starting point for discussion for area residents and businesses.

The idea, according to Townsend, is to make the 32nd & Limit intersection function better instead of the “extremely inefficient” way it is now.

Townsend noted that a thorough traffic study is imperative  before MoDOT will approve any future funding for such a huge project.

Randy Kirby
Wilson & Co