Trace Adkins was admittedly surprised after he was cast as the lead role in a new Western film 'The Virginian,' but see for yourself how the country crooner fares in bringing his serious side to the movie.

Adkins' role seems to fit him nicely, and he looks completely at home on set. With his trademark long hair, cowboy hat and southern drawl, the singer seamlessly transitions into the character of South, the foreman of Sunk Creek Ranch and feared enforcer for cattle baron Judge Henry.

The movie, which stars George Canyon, Ron Perlman and Adkins, has been remade numerous times. According to the description on YouTube, Henry took South in after his parents were killed by rustlers. As part of his duties, he is to look after a writer from the big city, Owen, who has come out West to research a novel.

Owen is appalled at the savagery of the land, in particular the way cattle rustlers are treated. As South tells him, rustling cattle in Wyoming is worse than shooting a man in the back -- and he's trying to get to the bottom of who is doing the rustling. Eventually he finds the answers -- and wishes he hadn't. Along the way, there's a little bit of romance and a lot of typical Western film shootouts and confrontations.

A release date for 'The Virginian' not yet been announced.

In addition to filmmaking, Adkins is also working on a Christmas album and tour, is looking forward to hosting the American Country Awards with Danica Patrick, and recently celebrated 10 years as an Opry member -- a highly accomplished feat!

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