I've had a few friends that have had radio careers that involved them using "on-air" names. You may or may not be surprised that many radio personalities have used those names for years and none have been the wiser. Today I have decided to share my legal name with you.

Actually, before I get to it, let me share with you another radio name I've used in my 35+ years in radio. I went to work at a radio station in Springfield, Illinois in the early 80's. The call letters were WFMB. Now this was a big jump for me going from Sedalia to Springfield. I felt like I had been called up from the minors to the major leagues.

They decided that I needed a more recognizable name, i.e., one that sounded country. Thus, I was donned with the moniker of Matt Dillon. I used that "radio name" for my tenure at the station.

My next step was on to another station in Rolla, Mo. I went back to my legal name on the air and did so until years later when I moved back to Sedalia in 2007. After a few years in the insurance business I decided I wanted to get back into radio. I did so in 2013 at the AM/FM combo KDRO/KPOW located in downtown Sedalia.

At the time there was an afternoon radio personality that had the name of Matt Dylan. Since my legal name was similar to his on-air name, it was decided I would come up with another one, and wallah...Beau Matthews came about on Sedalia radio.

Now comes the part you've all been waiting for. Drum roll please...here it is, my legal name...Matt Borland.

So I hope this sheds some light on my radio name and legal name. I felt like it was time to let you know.

So whether you call me Beau, Matt or some other name uttered underneath your breath, I'll be sure to answer.

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