Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard aren't boys -- they're men. They've experienced a bit of life and recently dished the best advice they've ever received, as well as what they're most looking forward to in life. The outcome? Some age-old wisdom and a few laughs, of course!

McGraw revealed the best advice he's received, and it came from a country singer, Johnny Paycheck. "He looked at me right in the eye and said, 'Son, always go hard and fast, so when you hit the ditch, you can come out the other side.'"

Although the 'Shotgun Rider' singer is obviously focused on his stunning career, he doesn't mention a word of that when asked what he's most looking forward to. Instead, his hopes completely revolve around his family, as he said, “To see how my daughters settle into their lives.”

Shelton's best advice came from his dad, and it's comprised of two simple words: "Be patient." However, when asked what he's most excited about, the jokester had to throw a little humor into the sentimental interview, saying, “November. It’s my favorite month of the year. Because I like it when s--t dies.” He's probably referring to his avid love for hunting -- and hoping he'll bring back a trophy or two in the form of meat.

Haggard, 76, also received memorable advice from his dad, and revealed, "My father told me to always be honest." And, as he's getting on in his years, the 'I Am What I Am' singer isn't focused on seeing his family grow up, or the next hunting season. Instead, he answered, "My next birthday."

Never afraid of being different, Nelson's ex-father-in-law gave him advice that has stuck with him through the years, which is, "Take my advice and do what you want.” Perhaps he knew that the 'Always on My Mind' singer would do exactly that. Nelson also said  that he's just excited for touring. “Getting onstage, then getting back on the bus. Then heading somewhere else, getting onstage, and getting back on the bus,” he stated.