Thompson Square are taking fans inside their personal lives in their new video for "Masterpiece."

Shawna and Keifer Thompson traveled to Keifer's hometown of Miami, Okla., to shoot the new clip at the Coleman Theater. The "Masterpiece" video intersperses footage of the married singers singing the song alone on stage in the palatial theater with home movies to weave a very personal story.

"Shakespeare sure knew how to write down / Words that will live throughout time / And that Eiffel Tower's still standing / Was built to be one of a kind / Da Vinci's got his Mona Lisa / And Beethoven's got his symphonies / But you're my masterpiece," they sing in the chorus.

The video draws on childhood home movies, film from their wedding and some videos of their own three-year-old son, Cooper, to create a timeline of their family across multiple generations. Keifer Thompson spent a week going through reels of film that his father shot between 1973 and 1985 to choose the footage.

"There's nothing cooler to me than that old eight-millimeter look," Shawna tells us.

"We wanted to tell a story of a generational kind of thing with 'Masterpiece,'" Keifer states. "About how Cooper is our masterpiece, and how I and my sister were my parents' masterpiece and so on, and we thought it would be a really cool way to do it, by incorporating some of that eight-millimeter footage and shooting it in my hometown."

Thompson Square worked with director Evan Kaufmann on the "Masterpiece" video, and "it was literally back-breaking for him," Shawna recalls with a laugh. "We were filming that day, and the camera harness broke within minutes of filming, so all day he was having to carry this forty-pound camera around."

"Masterpiece" is the title song of Thompson Square's third studio album, which they released in June of 2018. The couple, who scored previous hits with "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not," "Glass," "If I Didn't Have You" and more, admit they can still get really emotional singing it live.

"If Cooper's on the side of the stage and I pay attention to the lyrics, sometimes it gets me," Keifer shares.

"Especially the second verse," Shawna adds. "There's nights we make eye contact and we're just like, 'Aww.'"

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