There's plenty to do in Nashville — Broadway, the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame are common tourist stops — but if Thomas Rhett is your tour guide, prepare for something a little different.

When NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal stopped into Music City, Rhett was tasked with showing him around, and had an axe to grind … or throw. In a video that O'Neal shared on his Facebook page of his recent adventure in Nashville, the pair first grabbed lunch at local favorite, Bartaco, but not before Rhett was recognized by some fans who wanted a photo with the country star.

But as far as fans getting photos with the 7'1", three-time NBA MVP? They'll pass.

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Following a lunch that may not have been the basketballer's cup of tea — he wasn't interested in trying Rhett's pick of tuna poké — O’Neal and the country star got physical with a trendy activity: ax throwing.

Ax throwing is hardly a new sport, but it has only recently found its way into the mainstream as a fun way to release some aggression or energy. Much like darts, competitors throw axes at a ringed target where points increase as the size of the ring decreases. Josh at the Backyard Axe Throwing League venue explained the point system to the stars, and then they began a friendly competition.

For much of the game, it appeared that the country star had a bit more prowess at this specific sport, however at the last minute, the NBA-er's laser focus propelled him to victory as he scored the game's final bullseye.

Perhaps it was the lack of fans wanting a photo with O’Neal that gave him a competitive edge. Or maybe it was his towering presence that earned him the victory. Or maybe neither one of the competitors took it too seriously, and it was just the luck of the draw.

Or maybe we’ll just have to wait for the best two out of three.

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