The Lights, Kansas City area is coming to the Johnson County Fairgrounds on Saturday. The Lights is "an event where people of all backgrounds and beliefs can come together to have an uplifting, positive, and unforgettable experience." This according to their website

Their website also describes The Lights as "an experience where thousands of friends and families gather to listen to live music, fill up on great food and light up life by sharing personal wishes, dreams and goals. At the perfect moment, everyone ignites their personalized sky lanterns with Tiki torches and lets them take flight. It creates a surreal ambiance, where time slows down as your single flame rises with thousands of others. Come fill the sky with what lights you."

For a better idea of what The Lights is they suggest looking at some of the videos on their website.

An interesting thing about The Lights is the festival is usually centered around a large city, like in our case, Kansas City. However, it usually gets scheduled in an area with lots of space because you can't launch paper sky lanterns with a flame in the middle of them in a city with lots of houses and businesses around.

Organizers say their events are safe, the lanterns are designed to be fire resistant and the flame in the middle of the lamp extinguished by the time the lamps fall back to earth in their landing zone. Additionally, the event organizers clean up the lamps that fall in the landing zone and they work with the local fire marshal and fire departments when putting the event on.

The Lights, Kansas City area is scheduled for Saturday October 12 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. The event is scheduled to run from 3:00PM - 9:00PM CDT and the cost of an adult ticket is currently $36 and will rise to $55 by the time the event kicks off. Each adult needs a ticket, and each adult will get a lantern to launch. Children's tickets are also available and kids 4-12 need a ticket. They will get a fun kit, but no lantern.

You can learn more about The Lights at their website.


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