Remember when you used to have to bring along giant paper maps when you went on a family vacation?  Seems like ANCIENT HISTORY.  We might as well have been driving in a horse-and-buggy and yelling about how the British were coming.

A new study examined the basic skills that are disappearing the fastest because of modern technology like smart phones and tablets.  Here are the top seven:

#1.)  Handwriting.  And people specifically mentioned that handwritten thank-you notes are quickly disappearing.

#2.)  Using a dictionary or encyclopedia.  Now we just Google words to find out what they mean . . . or research things on Wikipedia.

#3.)  Mental math.

#4.)  Reading a map.  The GPS and mapping apps have made maps obsolete.

#5.)  Finding something at the library.  No one remembers how to find a book using the catalog and the Dewey Decimal System anymore.

#6.)  Playing board games.  Every board game has an iPad version now.  Well, that's all well and dandy but at least in our household we still like board games.  We just played a Bob's Burgers game just this weekend, AND the new BTS UNO.

#7.)  Sending a postcard.  We publish our own vacation photos on Facebook instantly now, so there's no real need to send a postcard.

Do you still have some of these disappearing skills?  Do you like technology replacing some of these?

Skillfully yours,