Kansas City hosted it's own Royal Celebration for the World Series Champions. 

Like most of you, I was unable to go to the World Series parade on November 3, 2015. Some of us had school, some had to work, others just refused to deal with the crowd. Let's be honest, if your a Royals fan this was a party 30 years in the making. For people my age, we have only known a team pron to losing 90 plus games. The last few years have been great for not just Royals fans, but the Kansas City area.

Monday, I wrote a post giving directions to the parade. At the end of the post, I made a brief statement about Kansas City being the best sports city in America. After seeing these photos of the Royals World Series Championship Parade, I feel even stronger about that statement.

Some would argue that St. Louis is the best baseball city in America. That might be true, but it is easy to support a team with the Cardinals' resume. What sets Kansas City apart is the love we have for all of our teams. We showed out for a winning Royals team that gave us nothing to cheer for in 30 years! We have made Arrowhead the loudest stadium in all of sports. Buffalo and Seattle had some cute attempts at breaking that record. Better luck next time. Let's not forget Sporting KC and the way Kansas City shows hospitality during the Big 12 Basketball Tournament. Last but not least, the tailgating. I have been to a lot of other stadiums and there is no party like Chiefs tailgating. All I have to say is well done Kansas City, no one can convince me they support their teams the way we do!

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