Wallethub.com recently did a survey looking at what stores are offering the best Black Friday deals. If you're an old school Black Friday shopper who heads out and shops till you drop, you may be a little dissapoointed. Some of the best deals are at stores not in the Sedalia / Warrensburg area. That said, if you're planning on cyber shopping, you might find yourself scoring a deal from a store in another part of the country.

Wallethub.com found overall the top five stores to shop for Black Friday deals are: Stage, Belk, Bealls Florida, JC Penny and Kohl's. Stage, Belk and Bealls Florida don't have any stores in the area, however Kohl's and JC Penny do. Penny's average discount with Black Friday deals is 61%, Kohl's is 57.1%. Stage, Belk and Bealls Florida (and FYI, Bealls Florida is different than Bealls for you online shoppers.) offer dicounts ranging from 62% - 69%.

Discounters like Walmart and Target offer a more modest discount for Black Friday deals, around 34%. However, I would expect you're not paying as much for some of what they sell at these stores to start with.

And that doesn't mean that just because a store's Black Firday overall average discount isn't that great, doesn't mean there's some items that you can get great discounts on. Wallethub.com broke out the average discounts for various product categories, so you may want to plan what you're going to buy from what store. Here's there breakdowns:

Best Black Friday Discounts When Shopping for Appearal and Acccessories

Best Black Friday Discounts When Shopping for Computers and Phones 

Best Black Friday Discounts When Shopping for Consumer Electronics 

Best Black Friday Discounts When Shopping for Toys 

Best Black Friday Discounts When Shopping for Movies, Music and Books 

Best Black Friday Disocunts When Shopping for Video Games (Software) 

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy

If you're looking to dig in and really plan your attack, you can check out the Wallethub.com article here in it's entirety. And don't forget our local retailers. There are many great stores in our area owned and run by our friends and neighbors. You migiht not get as great a discount, but the money you spend will stay in our community and keep it vibrant. Happy shopping and may the discounts be yours.

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