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It's one of the most heartwarming, sob-inducing sights you'll see on the Internet: the soldier returning home from overseas, surprising his or her child. It never gets old, one of the genuine feel-good moments the Internet lets us see.
10 Returning Soldiers Reuniting With Their Dogs
Veteran's Day is one of the greatest American holiday, because we get to celebrate those who have and are still serving our country. It's one of the greatest sacrifices; these men and women are leaving their loved ones to risk their lives for us. For that, we give them a sincere thank you.
Reunion Picnic
All former employees of Fantasia/Multifoods/JM Smucker/Best Brands/CSM are invited to attend a picnic on Saturday, October 13. It...
Jaycees Reunion
The Sedalia Jaycees and Jaycee Wives of the 60’s and 70’s (Exhausted Roosters and Pooped Pullets) will hold a reunion on Saturday, September 8 at the Best Western Motel Gambler’s...
Facebook vs. Class Reunions: It’s ON!
My 25 year high school class reunion was last weekend.  Just like everyone else, I learned of which activities were where on Facebook.  Event pages were created and invitations sent.  There was to be an informal gathering at a bar on Friday, a family picnic Saturday afternoon and the …

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