Get the Red Out

Get The Red Out
WARRENSBURG, Mo. -- It's a busy week on the campus of the University of Central Missouri with the fall sports kicking off their seasons and the annual Get the Red Out Street Fair signaling the beginning of another year at UCM.
The 13th-ranked Jennies Volleyball team gets everything started on Th…
UCM Kicks Off Football Season with "Get the Red Out"
The University of Central Missouri (UCM) hosted their annual event "Get the Red Out" yesterday (Sept. 5) from 4-6 p.m. on Holden St. in Warrensburg in celebration of UCM's first football game of the year. Dozens of student-led associations, fraternities, sororities and local businesses cam…
Get the Red Out 2012 [VIDEO]
We had our latest version of Get the Red Out in Warrensburg this Saturday!  I gotta say, it's always a blast to go back up to The Burg.  Doug and I both went to school there, back when  it was CMSU.