Domestic Violence

Sam Hunt "Take Your Time"
The initial reaction to hearing Sam Hunt's #1 single "Take Your Time" is that it's about a guy trying to pick up a girl in a bar. After seeing the brand new video, the song has a much deeper meaning.
C.A.S.A. Candlelight Vigil
About 20 people gathered outside the Stauffacher Center on the State Fair Community College campus for the "Speak Out Against Domestic Violence" candlelight vigil on October 23.  While the wind prevented the candles from staying lit, the speakers didn't disappoint.
It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Sedalia Women DO Have A Choice
I thought about telling you what I think should happen to a man that abuses a woman, but then I figured the images that it would conjure are too graphic to put on this site.  Suffice it to say that I think they should be dealt with swiftly and severely. There are several different types of abuse.  Physical, sexual violence/abuse, psychological and economic.  Many times, multiple forms will manifes