Famous People From Missouri
Thanks to the help of IMDb, we've been able to put together a pretty good list of famous people from Missouri. You can open up a copy of your favorite entertainment magazine and see hundreds of names of all sorts of famous actors, actresses, and musicians. However, how many of those same names could…
Country Confessions - Stars Reveal Their Celebrity Crushes
A few are embarrassing, many are pretty hot, and one or two are jaw-dropping. Taste of Country asked over two dozen country stars who their celebrity crushes are, and while a few of the same names kept popping up -- Jennifer Aniston, beware -- most of the answers were as varied as the artists.
CHRIS HEMSWORTH has been named "People" magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.  The runners-up include Chris Pratt, Blake Shelton, Bradley Cooper, Michael Strahan, Tim Tebow, and Idris Elba.
Our Listeners Tell Us What Celebrity They Want to Smack
Last week we talked about who our favorite celebrities are. So this week we talked about who our LEAST favorite celebrities are. Who's the celebrity you want meet... so you can smack them right in the face. I posted the question on my Facebook Page, and always, got some good responses.
10 Celebrity Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
If there's one Hollywood cliche you can count on, it's that most actors are frustrated musicians deep down inside. While the majority will never have major commercial success like, say, Rick Springfield, Patrick Swayze or Jamie Foxx (go ahead and laugh, but they all had number one singles), many gam…

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