The Super Bowl has turned into a National holiday.  It really has.  If you go through the list of the most watched television programs of all time, most of the top ten are all Super Bowls.  Usually close to 100 million people will be watching.  Networks up against the game air reruns of their shows, and if the game is on a particular network, a new episode of a show often runs after it.

We watch the game for various reasons.  The game itself, the Halftime Show, but for many, we watch for the commercials.  Companies may have to pony up $6 million dollars for a 30 second spot during the game.  Some of the best commercials ever done, are done for this game.  There often are many celebrities in them and quite a few of them, we remember for a long time.

Already there have been teasers sent out to get a preview of what we may be seeing.  Here are just a few of them:

Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd team up for a Lays commercial.  "Golden Memories"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing the Greek God Zeus for BMW.  This looks very funny.

Gwyneth Paltrow is doing one for Uber Eats.  They will deliver more than food apparently.  Short teaser above.

Jennifer Coolidge is in another one.  Lipstick can be delivered too.

The Daily Show host and comedian Trevor Noah gets in on the action too.

SO excited that after a year off, the Budweiser Clydesdale's are back.  These are always one of my favorites.  You may remember this one that only aired one time.  See it below.

There will no doubt be many that we will see on the 13th of February that will make us laugh, touch us emotionally, they will have some surprising guest stars.  I will have to keep a running tally of them to see which one seems to get the best response.  The one I tend to remember the most was from 1984.  Directed by Ridley Scott.  Only aired one time.  I am certain you remember it.  Apple MacIntosh computer.

Are there any others that you remember from Super Bowls past?  Feel free to share.  And lets hope for a close game.

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