Country singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson halted a weekend show in Kentucky to stop a fight, and then picked up right where he left off, as if nothing had gone wrong. Well, almost.

Simpson was in Covington, Ky. on Saturday (Jan. 31), and during a performance of ‘Sometimes Wine,’ he spotted a fight in the crowd. "You!" he shouts at about the one-minute mark of the clip, which shows the event.

“Come on, y’all. Everybody came to have a good time. It doesn’t matter who started it -- all that matters is that it’s over," he says into the crowd.

“Easy loving” he adds calmly, admitting he didn't see what happened. "One a--hole at a time!" he concludes.

And the show goes on.

Simpson was recently nominated for a Grammy in the Americana Album of the Year category. His album is called ‘Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.’ The 2015 Grammy Awards are Feb. 8 on CBS.